Parents are often surprised to hear that their child may need help from a pediatric Occupational Therapist. The term occupation refers to our vocational roles in life. Children have a variety of roles: being a student, a son or a daughter, a sibling, and a friend.

At SUMA KIDS we use our unique expertise and medical based training to help children develop the important foundational skills necessary for their critical occupational roles. We use the model of play using a sensory enriched environment with familiar toys, games and school materials to build the necessary foundational skills - ensuring that children will be interested in working on areas of challenge. We focus on the neurological basis of learning and look at underlying causes for difficulties your child may be having. Our goal is to assist your child in becoming an independent, successful student and member of his or her community.

Occupational therapy is primarily concerned with the motor, sensory and behavioral foundations of gross motor control, fine motor expression and visual perceptual development necessary for skill development. Areas of focus may include: postural stability, motor planning, fine motor skill development, sensory regulation, oral-motor sensitivity, visual perceptual skills, modulation and/or processing, self-regulation, environmental adaptations, self-care tasks, social and play skills.