“Suma Kids” has been a miracle for my son and our family. The OT who has treated my son has been able to help him thrive in achieving gross motor skills, fine motor skills, motor planning and sensory integration. She has also educated our family in understanding a child with ASD and sensory Disorder. She has been a true angel for me, a mother trying to raise a child with these disorders and a blessing to my son who would never be able to grow in the way that he does now. He is now 2 ½ years old. I am forever grateful to “Suma Kids”.
—Mother of Vince

My son (age 5) has an enthusiasm for writing and drawing that never existed prior to his occupational therapy. He always hated art in pre-school but now creates crafts very often. He has always enjoyed coming to OT at Suma Kids. His therapist is very caring and he has great fun in his sessions.
—Mother of Matthew

I have three children. My two youngest boys have sensory processing disorders. After only a week or two of OT, our home-life significantly improved. My husband and I both noticed the difference: more calm, confident and happy boys. My boys have both been in OT for almost a year and they both are clearly progressing on their goals set at the beginning of the year. The boys’ school teachers as well as our relatives and friends have noticed significant improvements. Our boys are flourishing under the excellent direction of their OTs at Suma Kids. Suma Kids has also helped educate me on sensory issues.
—Mother of Danny & Ronnie

My daughter has been receiving OT services at Suma Kids for seven months. Her OT is fabulous! I am truly amazed at my daughter’s progress on a weekly basis. My daughter loves going to OT because it is so much fun. Meanwhile, she is so much more focused and her ability levels increase each week. I highly recommend Suma Kids for OT services.
—Mother of Kayla

I can’t say enough about how Suma Kids has helped my daughter. My husband and I are absolutely amazed at the turn-around in our daughter’s behavior after only two or three weeks. Her OT has worked with her for several months now and you would never guess that she ever had Sensory Processing Disorder. I feel blessed to have found Suma Kids and so thankful for the help they’ve given my daughter.
—Mother of Madeline

After many years of trying to help our child with his coordination and handwriting we discovered SUMA Kids. His OT quickly assessed and treated his issues with tactile and balance issues and we saw a huge improvement! We were worried that the environment might be too young for our pre-teen but he bonded with his OT- who seems to have a special gift for working with this age. Suma Kids has made a huge difference in his life!
—Mother of Charlie